Dalmatian beaches are scattered along the coast and ihe islands.

Some of them are easy to find, while others are well hidden and perfect for anyone who wants to hide away from tourist crowds.

Typical beaches in Dalmatia are pebble beaches and even thought they might not be ideal to make castles and figures they form a perfect combination with crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea.

If you are looking beaches with cocktail bars, coffe bars, restaurants, sun chairs and playing ground for children, OKRUG BEACH on Čiovo island, or MEDENA, are perfect location for you.

best beach in dalmatia

Blue Lagoon-Krknjaši

The area near the hotel Palace offers a wide variety of activities. Whether it's going to the nearby Kozjak mountain and exploring the small places that hide, going to the historic core of Trogir and Split, an active vacation or simply enjoy the beautiful beaches, the bay.

Hotel Palace staff will be more than happy to suggest some of these places and also help with the organization. The beach that leaves no one indifferent is certainly the Blue Lagoon, or as it is called by the local population-Krknjaši.

The Blue Lagoon is located on the island of Drvenik, near the island of Čiovo where the Hotel Place is located.

The Drvenik Island is full of pure nature and crystal clear sea. Blue Lagoon the most famous and most beautiful bay of this island is located on the southeastern coast of the island and is protected by two islands Veliki i Mali Krknjaš. It is remarkable because of the beautiful shallow beaches and the sandy bottom which in their combination give the aura blue color that attracts visitors.

Trogir beach

The Blue Lagoon is an ideal place for those who enjoy the summer swimming and sunbathing as well as diving because this sea bottom is ideal for those who like to explore what the sea bottom of the sea hides.

Nearby is a restaurant that prepares traditional Dalmatian cuisine with fish and authentic dishes for its guests.

Going to the Blue Lagoon is possible in multiple combinations with a large excursion boat offering food and drinks, with smaller boats that organize half-day excursions or private boat hire arrangements. Hotel Palace staff will present you all the options and help you to book what suits your wishes.

Arrival after your trip on the sea will surely keep you hungry and then there is our restaurant Antonio for you with freshly prepared traditional cuisine.

Hotel Palace takes care of you and your unforgettable vacation, we are here for all questions.