Charter Trogir

For years now, the Palace Hotel is a favorite accommodation complex for most of European’s guests who come to Trogir because of charter boats.

charter trogir

Hotel Palace is the perfect place to stay for a while or break for a boat trip.

In the immediate vicinity of Trogir, there is an airport that increases the number of international flights year by year and the reason to that is increased number of tourists who spend their vacation sailing with the sea.

For those arriving by car in front of the hotel, there are secured parking spots with video surveillance.

The Charter Base is in Trogir, but it is also navigated by the surrounding marinas, which give great attention to the quality of services that follow the world trends and do everything possible to keep the guests satisfied.

Aci marinas and marinas that gravitate to Trogir and Čiovo include Aci Marina Trogir, Aci Marina Split, Marina Frapa, Marina Agana, Marina Kaštela and other smaller marinas.

Each of these marinas is modernly decorated with accompanying amenities to ensure high positions in nautical tourism. One of the most significant is the marina Frapa, which received 14 times the award for the best decorated marina.


Visitors who come to Croatia are largely in love with the sea and its spaciousness.

Those who choose for such type of vacation have more options depending on their experience and knowledge and their ships. There are skippers and other ship crews that come with the charter.

Along with the standard offer of any marina, the vast majority offers a range of accompanying items such as laundry, currency exchange, car rent, souvenir shops, restaurants, parking, nautical equipment stores etc. You can safely leave your ship on guard with maximum confidence.