Fortress Kamerlengo was built in the 15th century, the purpose of it was to accommodate the Venetian crew for defending the city.

fortress kamerlengo

Nowadays fortress has been transformed into a venue for cultural and entertainment events. Fortress Kamerlengo was connected to the tower of St Marco whose purpose was to defend Turkish invaders. Today is the tower of St Mark renamed to the House of Dalmatian Music.

The state engineer Lorenzo Picino was consulted for the construction. The Duke of Trogir signed a contract with the local craftsman Marin Radojev for the construction of the stone foundations of the castle. Marin and four masons picked the stone and processed it, and the municipality provided a ship with a crew that transported the stone to the construction site. Marin Radojev built the port of Trogir and the vaults of the cathedral.