St. John’s Square

the main tower trogir

The main town square is surrounded by the Town Hall, the 13th century Rector’s Palace, St. John the Baptist, 13th century, Church of St. Mary from the 9th century church of St. Sebastijana was built for the salvation of the plague, has a city clock tower, Loža, the old town courthouse and the old Croatian three-nave church of St Barbara, 9th st.

The northern gateway was built in the 16th and 17th centuries, which served to defend and enter the city. On them is a carved figure of the Trogir’s protector John of Trogir, the work of the Italian master Boninia from Milan, 15th century.

square trogir

Saint John of Trogir (Italian – Giovanni da Traù) was the bishop of the ancient Croatian city of Trogir in the XI century. and XII. century. He was a hermit monk, a Benedictine from Camaldoljan, in the monastery of St. Peter in Osor, on the island of Cres. For this reason, he is also called Auserinus or Osorinus in the documents, so there was a false claim that he came from the famous Roman family Orsini. He was accompanied by the envoy of Pope Alexander II, who in XI. century passed through southern Croatian regions, among other things Trogir. Then the people of Trogir asked him to appoint John, a holy and learned priest, as their bishop, because their episcopal chair was vacant. The Prophet listened to their pleas, and Ivan was consecrated as the bishop of Trogir by Archbishop Lovro of Split, also a former monk in the Benedictine monastery of St. Peter in Osor.