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Special enjoy . .

Dalmatian beaches are scattered along the coast and ihe islands. Some of them are easy to find, while others are well hidden and perfect for anyone who wants to hide away from tourist crowds.

Typical beaches in Dalmatia are pebble beaches and even thought they might not be ideal to make castles and figures they form a perfect combination with crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea.

If you are looking beaches with cocktail bars, coffe bars, restaurants, sun chairs and playing ground for children, OKRUG BEACH on Čiovo island, or MEDENA, are perfect location for you.


If you are staying in Trogir you should definetly visit the new shopping center Plodine that have a list of brands popular all over the world.

Here it is possible to find something for everyone and for any pocket.

In case you are not fan of large shopping malls and you prefer small independent shops, do not hesistate to visit all the small shops with local designers clothes (like „GENA“) or delicacies shops.

Another interesting part of this small city is our green market. Here you can find people selling domestic fruits and vegetables, olive oil, dried figs, candided almonds, famous spirit drink „Travarica“ and even domestic wine. For locals, green market is not only the place to buy, it is also a place to hear the news and chitchat with people.

To buy fish and at the same experience the real vibe of a tipical Dalmatian fish market, you should make up early in the morning and go to the local fish market.

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Boat lines

Perfect for every holiday.

To awoid expencive parking and traffic jams, you can use boat line OKRUG – TROGIR. Enjoy a 15 minutes pleasent cruise with refreshing sea breeze in your hair. The boat line goes every half an hour from the old town of Trogir and returnes every half an hour from uvala Toć in Okrug where you can find 1 km long beach.