For its guests, in coopeartion with its partners, hotel Trogir Palace also organizes sightseeing tours to some of the prettiest places in Croatia!

In our offer of daily excursions we have a big variety of locations for sightseeing like National parks and Nature parks, as well as many Dalmatian historic and tourist towns and settlements. All tours are given by a licensed English-speaking guide.

With a previous agreement, it is possible to make a daily excursion to a destination You choose.

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One of the prettiest cities in the world, and a part of UNESCO’s list of world heritage.
Drive along the Adriatic coast through the scenic landscapes of the Makarska Riviera and across the Neretva River Delta to Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is surrounded by ramparts and fortresses and is a treasure trove of architectural and cultural masterpieces scrupulously preserved over the centuries. A pleasant walk will show you the city ‘s highlights, such as palaces, churches, museum, squares etc.

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Krka Waterfalls

Enjoy a ride along the coast to Šibenik. Here we make a stop before proceeding to the Krka Waterfalls. Located in the lovely Krka National Park, the falls cascades over 17 natural barriers. Here we stay for some time so you can explore, swim in the clear river waters or take photographs. Relax in the shade of the old trees. Our return trip takes us to Trogir, an ancient coastal town.

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Plitvice Lakes

Most known and most beautiful National park in Croatia. It’s excpetional value and beauty have been recognized by the world and that is why the National park Plitvice are on the UNESCO list of the world natural heritage. Sightseeing begins with the lakes «Donja jezera». We cross, with a small boat, the other part of lake Kozjak, where we walk around the lakes and waterfalls. The tour lasts cca 1 h, then we stop for a lunch and after we continue our tour with lakes «Donja jezera». On the way back we can visit a nearby town by your choice.

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In this tour we take You to our neighbouring country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Discover and experience the phenomenon that has made Međugorje one of the most famous places of pilgrimage throughout the Catholic world, attracting milions of visitors all over the world.

Those who wish may visit the apparition Hill where the Virgin Mary appeared to the children. After Međugorje we travel to Mostar, a beautiful multicultural town located on Neretva river. Here we take you to see the beautiful Old Bridge, most famous site in Mostar.

Passport or equivalent document required.

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Rafting on Cetina river

Rafting is one of the most exciting ways to experience river courses and their picturesque surroundings. Our river adventure starts on the banks of the Cetina River in the Biokovo Mountain region. Short instructions will be followed by a white-water descent to the Radman’s Mills, where we shall leave our rafts to enjoy swimming in the clear mountain river, or stroll through the woods. There will be a possibility for lunch.