A city where every stone has a historical value


The city of Trogir (Gr. Tragurion, Lat: Tragurium) was founded by ancient colonists from the island of Vis in 3rd century B.C.

It’s a city of Kairos – „a happy moment“ whoose story dates all the way in 4th century B.C. from the Greek mythology, in which Kairos is shown on a relief as a naked young man with a tuft which You need to grab at the exact time and by doing that you will grab your happy chance, otherwise it will escape forever, because Kairos is always in a hurry.

Trogir is considered to be best preserved Romanesque – Gothic city in whole central Europe.

A castle and a belltower surrouded by walls constitute Trogir’s town core.
In 1997 UNESCO recognised and protected Trogir as an amaizingly preserved sample of Romanesque island city.

Most significant cultural monument is the Cathedral of Trogir, whose west door portal was made by Master Radovan. The city of Trogir is located on the shore of Kaštela bay, on an island between Čiovo and the mainland, with a stone bridge connecting it with the mainland.

Trogir amaizes visitors with its cultural-historical monuments and small narrow streets along with art collections which contain numerous master pieces.
Because of its position and natural protection, the port in Trogir is most desireable destination for boaters. Numerous places with historical sites and landmarks like cities of Split, Solin and Šibenik, islands Hvar and Brač, are located near Trogir and are also trafficly very well conected with Trogir.

Not far from Trogir you will find three most beautiful Croatian National parks: You will be amaized by the scenery of Krka, Plitvice lakes and Kornati National parks.

When it comes to nightlife you will discover that Trogir’s nightlife does not lag with bigger cities at all. Numerous night clubs and caffe bars in the old town core offer an impression of antique environment combined with modern dance programs and concerts, and all that under the under the watchful eye of mega-yachts which give a touch of glamour to the story.
Join us in exploring the beauties of untouched nature and experience this magical town with all Your senses. Allow us to tell You a unique story which will simply amaize You. The city of the „happy moment“ invites you and wishes You a warm welcome…